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your husbands a country & western fan!

Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 6 December 2003
i'd rather admit to being a serial killer Grin Grin Grin


another one to get the delete button
Posted by Fintan_Coll (Fintan_Coll), 6 December 2003
If it 'aint Country it 'aint music.
Posted by John_Flynn (John_Flynn), 6 December 2003
With the name Flynn, I just got to agree with my friend from the Home Country Wink Wink Wink
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 7 December 2003
Hi Guys

So which one of you would admit to being a Morris dancer then? Wink Grin

Posted by Fintan_Coll (Fintan_Coll), 7 December 2003
Im not an authority on morris dancing, Derek. However I come from the same County as Daniel O' Donnell, knew him since he was about ten years old and I clean carpets for his mother and his sister and his brother. Does that make me a celebrity too or just a Country music fan. Smiley Wink
Posted by John_Flynn (John_Flynn), 7 December 2003
It makes you a very good friend of my wife.

Grin Grin Grin
Posted by Kinver_Clean (Kinver_Clean), 7 December 2003

Ah'm lurking fur me cloggs!
Posted by Ken_Wainwright (Ken Wainwright), 7 December 2003
If you're talkin' of real country music as opposed to regional, how could any red blooded male fail not to love it? With the likes of Shania Twain on stage, my jaw just drops. How could anyone fail not to be spellbound? Can't remember what her music sounds like though Wink

In order to keep the Delete Gestapo away, I think this topic should be focused more on what sort of music carpet cleaners play between jobs Wink

As well as Country, I've been playing a fair bit of Blue Grass lately (Alison Krauss & Union Station) apart from my usual mix of Classic Pop and Rock. For those of you like me who only have two hands, don't play Starship Trouper by Yes when you're on the road. Trying to play aire guitar, eat a chicken sandwich, drink a Lemon Fanta, answer the bloody phone, read an A to Z atlas AND drive the van all at the same time is (almost) impossible Wink

As for Morris Dancers, they're mental Shocked We've a local group in our village who try to be very authentic. History say's that the Worcestershire dancers used to black their faces up, so everyone blacks their face up. As they always seem to be performing outside a pub, you have to take a second look. You can't believe whether you've had one too many or if there really are 10 Al Jolson look alikes out there. And when they start striking out with them thar sticks, you have to be a very brave man to risk your knuckles like they do. Perhaps Morris Men should be re-classified as Extreme Dancers!!!!

Safe and happy cleaningSmiley
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 7 December 2003
Hi Kenneth

I do have access to a 'destruct' button but I reserve that for bad/foul language which has no place on this or any other forum.

We must remember that the public, our customers, also have access to these sites.

A little light relief from time to time doesn't hurt anyone.

Ken I also like to 'listen' to Shania Twain but I have discovered another lady with a lovely voice (sadly no longer with us) Eva Cassidy

Posted by MICHAEL_GAYTON (MICHAEL_GAYTON), 7 December 2003
I play AC/DC in the morning gets  me ready to kick down the doors and get cleaning then abit of country music tim Mcgraw (winner of the1999 CMA award) then at the end of a long day Opera ( Angela Gheorghiu) etc.

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