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Pressure washers

Posted by robgerni (robgerni), 13 November 2003
Pressure washers new & reworks -  GrinAdvice also given
Posted by recs (recs), 16 November 2003
give us all some advice then.
i personally have been looking at karcher 3300gs unit to do the usual driveways,etc.W hat do u think and what r your prices??
Posted by robgerni (robgerni), 16 November 2003
The karcher 3300gs machine is fine for short periods of use ,but I would not expect it to be the machine for the heavier useage of work for daily driveway/patio cleaning.Plus with its plastic high pressure hose & plastic lance it would be pron to wear alot quicker than a stainless steel lance

Look for a machine with rubber hoses,brass head, stainless lance, that will pull easily from a drum. It is worth while paying the extra money for a machine that will not work it's nuts off and last you much longer.

The Gerni 260PX is the start of their machines and meets all these requirements (for full data/spec)

Gerni also do a 12INCH & 16INCH Floor cleaning head (twin jets RRP 135 pounds & 225 pounds
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 16 November 2003
Hi Recs
We sell the Karcher 3300GS and it's a very popular machine but it is domestic. Anything more than 2 hours a week use and you need to be looking at a commercial machine to be able to rely on it week in and week out. Lots of people who have limited budgets start with these smaller machines but then soon move on to something bigger. They use Tecumseh engines which have now been modified to include a much stronger engine guard. The old design had a few problems where users were putting their feet on the top when they were starting them and the cage was collapsing causing engine failure. They've cured this problem now and they're still a popular choice for cleaning motorcross bikes during races, etc.
What you have to bear in mind is that any pressure washer bought in a company name is deemed to be for commercial use and if it's a domestic model and something does go wrong during the first 12 months you are unlikely to be able to make a warranty claim.
We recommend the Delta machines for this type of work:
but let us know if you need any more info.
Mike Boxall

Posted by KG_JETWASHING (BLADE), 19 November 2003
hi robgerni,

i'm in the process of starting up my own buisness cleaning driveways,patio's etc,and have a karcher h745 model,i was wondering if you do hoses for this machine??and what chemical would you recommend for getting rid of oil patches if you know that is?? Smiley
oh and how much would the hoses be??and could you do them in different lenghts??
Posted by Drive_Revive (Drive_Revive), 24 November 2003
So have you found any good contacts?

Drive Revive
Posted by wreelyclean_servic (Wreelyclean Services), 28 December 2003
Grin..Hey Blade...go to your local hydraulic hose company and see what they have to can buy a whole roll....50 mts or so for relatively no money at all....your machine has the power to run a hose that far without pressure loss....they will also probably have quick release attachments which make it a dream when switching from lance to whirlygig or whatever else you use...Have Fun..

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