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[color=Purple]Clumsy me!!![/color]

Posted by ScaryMARY (ScaryMARY), 2 December 2003
Oh deary dear oh dear!  Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked

My friend has gone on holiday for 2 weeks. I have been taking care of things in her home, and looking after her cats. She has not long had an off white carpet fitted. So here's the story;

She asked me if i could just do a liitle house work for her, since she was running late before going to the airport. So i agreed. There was rather alot to do, her kids had left alot of crisps and crumbs all over her lovely new carpet, and alot of their toys scattered around, plus a sink load of washing up. Now, she is the type of person who cannot come home to any mess at all. She asked me to do her a real big favour, i agrred and she trusts that i will stick to it.

So, i started with clearing up the kids bedroom. I then worked my way round, until i got to the lounge. Yes, the lounge with the lovely off white carpet! Being the clumsy idiot i am, as i was hooving i tripped over the cord. Things started to get worse and worse....
As i tripped over the cord of the hoover, i fell into her table, knocking over her beautiful crystal ornaments. Plus a cup of black current juice! There is black current juice all over her brand new carpet, plus her ornaments are broken. They are limited edition(well were limited edition), and i dont know what i am going to do! I took quite a nasty fall, and not only banging into the table, i then fell onto the floor and crashed into her shelving unit, knocking it, and all its contents on the floor.

The room looks a complete and utter mess! oh dear, i dont know what i am going to tell her. I have broken her ornaments, spilt black current on her new carpet, and knocked her sterio, cd's and loads more on the floor.  Shocked Im panicking so badly. I have just not had the time to clean it all up.  I have tried to soak up the juice as best as possible, since that is my main concern. But it is just not coming up. I have tried everything in her kitchen. But it seems to have done absolutely nothing.

I really don't know what to do. The juice isnt coming out, plus i have broken some of her most favourite ornaments, which were limited edition and very important to her. The sterio is all scratched up too. Im trying to concentrate on the carpet, she waited a long time to have it fitted, it cost her alot of money and she has finally finished all of her home improvements. She trusted me to keep the house nice and tidy. I dont know what i am going to tell her when she gets back, and even if i can get the juice out of the carpet. If i do manage to get it out, i still have to break the news to her that i have broken her precious crystal ornaments. Oh, what have i done!?

Has anyone got any useful tips to get the stain out of her carpet? And how to break the news to her about everything?

Posted by Fox (Fox), 2 December 2003
Tell her you are 'avin a tin bath'

Or even ' a long necked giraffe'

Should do the trick!
Posted by DP (DP), 2 December 2003
Why not show her your post on here, and see  what she thinks!

After all, your asking for help, so maby she's a better friend then you realised.

Your problems could all go away, one way or another.
Posted by petra (petra), 2 December 2003
I would take her for a coffee first explain the accident.. and hope for the best..after all she can't kill you in a public place......Anyway it the thought that counts..
Posted by dave (dave), 3 December 2003
Isn't that the reason we have household insuance cover for those types of accidents!!

Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 3 December 2003
Hi Mary

They say honesty is the best policy but having given this some considerable thought I think you should deny everything and pretend she's been burgled!



on a more serious note with the stain, unfortunately, blackcurrent juice is one of the worst to remove. A lot of small food and drink stains can be removed with a small amount of biological washing powder diluted in warm water and then blotted up with tissue paper BUT it may require special stain removers that need to be applied by an experienced carpet cleaner who can identify what type of carpet it is.  
Posted by DP (DP), 3 December 2003
I think somebody has been watching too much TV, or in this case maybe not enough. I seem to remember another very long  post about a lady who loved to clean a short while ago, wasnt a friend of yours by any chance, you know the one that never goes away? well not until their post is deleted.  Wink

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