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Toilet Cleaning-lime scale

Posted by Lynda (Lynda), 13 January 2004
EmbarassedI've just started cleaning rental acc. my biggest problem is how to remove thick lime scale from under the water line in toilets?  can you help.
Posted by houseangels (House Angels), 14 January 2004

Push all the water out of the bottom of the pan using the toilet brush then use a product such as ACT it is a strong toilet cleaner descaler.
Leave it for a while and then scrub again.
It usually works for me


Terry Atkinson
House Angels
Posted by Lynda (Lynda), 14 January 2004
Thanks Terry.

Have you used TO4 oven cleaner? Smiley
Posted by petra (petra), 14 January 2004
Or Try STC Clver Product never failsus, in real bad circumstances we use an acis wash. But always empty bowl first.
Posted by houseangels (House Angels), 14 January 2004

Yes we have used TO4 and as a biodegradable cleaner it's not bad
However if it is really burnt on then try Brillo oven cleaner its about 25 and it is caustic so be careful where you put it, but it does the biz

House Angels

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