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Ink Stain from classroom carpet?

Posted by ukmediums (Spik N Span), 2 December 2003
In a classroom we have a bad inkstain, dried, on out carpet. Typical hard wearing wooly tight pile carpet.
I have tried removing it by steam cleaning it with a nozzle to no evail. Anyonehave an idea how it will come off

Posted by NSCleaning (NSCleaning), 2 December 2003
Forget it - unless it's washable (it probably isn't) you cannot get it out.  I have tried "last resort" commercial stain removers on it in the past without success.    

It's either an insurance claim or a bleach and re-dye job, in which case should only be entrusted to an experienced carpet/upholstery cleaner.
Posted by highstandard (Peterdirector), 2 December 2003
Have you tried Astonish, Dilute it in water then apply it to the area... using a terry towel press down on the stain .it should remove it. Try a small area first it may take the colour out of the carpet.
Posted by leerob695 (leerob695), 16 December 2003
hi all
      try chem-dry ink remover if you can get hold of it
fantastic stuff although if you have tried cleaning with other products there may be a chance that it may be locked in
Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 17 December 2003

I would say it is now a dye stain and now immpossible to remove.

You attacked it with a steam gun...

Heat sets a stain!

If you rub a carpet stain this causes friction and that generates heat and the stain will set.


Martin Cool
Posted by claire21 (claire21), 24 December 2003
Huh Huh Huh i have a pen ink stain an a brand new cream coat and i cant get it out could any help me please
Posted by petra (petra), 26 December 2003
Vanish oxy works well from the supermarket...

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