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Cleaners personality

Posted by Fox (Fox), 11 February 2004
Right come on guys seems ages since we had a light hearted post - so here goes!  Grin

Don't you find people amazing!  I have cleaners that are reliable and cleaners that are not but what makes me giggle is I have cleaners that do a good job but are completly loopy!  

For instance I have a lady working for me who thinks she can be a psyhchologist, doctor, midwife or lawyer! Why has she been employed as a cleaner for the last 4 years!

I also employ a deaf lady - the supervisor told me she saw her working away hoovering stairs - the hoover wasn't actually on!  She'd even got a sweat on - lol.

I do employ foreign people and normally have a translater (that's a cleaner also) but one night he couldn't make it to a deep clean!  The supervisor was left with two non speaking english and the deaf lady!  She was obviously stressed on the night but soon felt better when the client rang to say a brill job had been done!  Cheesy

Come on then you lot - spill the beans!

Posted by Happyeater (Happyeater), 12 February 2004
I employed a cleaner who at the time I thought was weird. She would say that our city's bridge was green as a beakon for alien space ships etc etc.

Anyway, we put her into a retail shop, 1500 sq feet downstairs, front staircase to a similar size first floor sales area. There was a rear staircase down to a basement area where our cupboard and a staff room was. Her job was to sweep and buff both sales floors and mop the stairs, clean a single toilet, the staff room and empty the bins.

I visited the shop fairly regularly and the staff there always said how strange she was, she'd sit in the dark in the cupboard after her shift etc before going home. The thing that drove the staff mad was that she'd always insist that to get from the basement to the first floor they should walk up the direct staircase which was behind the cleaning cupboards wall!! It was just a big wall, been put up 50+ years ago, no sign of door ways etc. The staff thought she was mad.

Well, I had to have a word with her as the staff were by now getting sick with her telling them they were wasting their lives running to the front of the store to go upstairs when the other staircase was quicker. She took the huff with me, resigned and left.

A year or so later we lost the cleaning at the store as it was bought out by another company. It was completely refurbished. By co incidence, I was in there with my wife, shopping and the Manager came over to say hello. She asked if I'd seen anything of Kath the cleaner, I replied no. Then she told me the story of the refurbishment. They had got the plans off the council dated back 80 years as they had to move some internal walls and on the plans was a direct staircase from the cleaning cupboard to the first floor  Shocked .

When the plans were shown to the manager and her assistants at the shop shesaid that they all went completely silent and looked at each other. All of them got goosebumps on their skin from a cold that didn't exist. Weird, eh.

Posted by Silly_Philly (Silly Philly), 12 February 2004
That's creepy
Posted by squeaky (squeaky), 12 February 2004
That would make an excellent film!

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Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 13 February 2004
I used to have a cleaner with a very broad Worcester accent who used to wander in and say 'Hiya, is your bin alright'. I'd have to check the bin to see if it needed emptying or not and I'd say either it's fine or it needs emptying. She would look a bit confused but carry on nonetheless.

I bumped into her in the street once and she said 'Hiya, is your bin alright?' I just smiled at her politely and carried on.

Anyway, I overheard her talking to someone else in the office shortly after and she said to them 'Is your bin alright' - 'yes' was the reply 'I've been fine - how about you'. It turns out she was never asking about the bin in the first place!  Roll Eyes

Once I got the hang of the accent she was a bit more talkative and always used to ask 'and how's the babbie'.............

Posted by jake (jake), 15 February 2004
a few years ago I was a supervisor at a large office block, we had a agency cleaner  for a week. He was a retired army officer, and while I was showing him around he mentioned that he'd been cleaning all his life and everything would be fine. Before I went off, I said 'dont forget to use the brush attachment on the hoover' pointing to the wand, 'we dont want to scratch the laminate floor', 'righto' he said in a Lord Brocket accent 'leave it to me' i came back after about 15 mins to see how he was doing, to catch him,looking puzzled,withdrawing a broom from the hose of the Henry!! 'Ahh Jake, glad your here, cant seem to get the hang of this brush attachment, any ideas'! He was deadly serious! I still laugh about it too this day , bloody nice chap though!

Posted by Fox (Fox), 16 February 2004

You lot have brightened my Monday morning making me laugh with your stories!  Grin

Keep them coming.


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