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can somebody tell me?

Posted by fitzroy_simms (fitzroy_simms), 14 February 2004
??on pricing on carpet cleaning  in domestic homes what would be the best way to charge by the room size or by the sq ft please help  Grin
Posted by Kevin_Whitlow (Pepe Le Pew), 14 February 2004
on 02/14/04 at 17:00:46, fitzroy_simms wrote:
??on pricing on carpet cleaning in domestic homes what would be the best way to charge by the room size or by the sq ft please help Grin

Thats got to be the same thing surely? Huh

Posted by Cloverleaf (Cloverleaf), 14 February 2004
I charge by the sq ft, usualy 17.5 pence but this can vary a lot depending on area, soiling etc.

Minimum job charge 35, but if around the corner 25 for a small room.

The thing to remember is you do not know how much a customer is prepared to pay!

Some customers are looking for a cheap price, if you look like a cheap company that is what they expect, if you look like a professional company price isn't as much of an issue.

I once went to a lady who is now a regular customer down the road and cleaned a 10 x 10 living room for 25. When I quoted her at first she said I would have been prepared to pay 50 to have it cleaned Shocked.

I now recieve 350 worth per year from the same lass, but thats another story Grin

Posted by squeaky (squeaky), 15 February 2004
I charge a minimum charge of 25 even if it is next door and a tiny wc,for the rest of the charges it does depend on how much more I will be doing in the property , the more that I do the cheaper ( per room  ) it is for the customer.
There is a CC in my nearest town that charges each individual room seperately treating each room as its the only room he is doing in the house,I have known him quote 190 to clean an empty 3 bed house Shocked.I quoted 85 and got the job  Kiss,took me 2 hours  Grin, his van was parked outside on his drive all day , I would rather earn 40 an hour and be busy , Am I wrong ?

By the way I have a blazer and he has a Sabrina Maxi

Posted by Northerclean (Alex), 15 February 2004
I charge 30p per sq ft or 25p for more than one room - I have a 40 min charge.

John, you're sort of in my area (cheshire), do customer rip your arm at your price as they do with me at my prices?

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