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Scratch Removel help needed

Posted by Auto_Groom (Auto_Groom), 20 January 2004
Can any1 help with this subject need to find somthing to get scratches out of glass.
i used a powder form about 20 years ago when i made double glazing. but not seen it since you had to use water to make a paste form and then rub it in to the scratch.
Posted by nick_warrenevans (nick_warrenevans), 20 January 2004
Hi Andy

I assume its car windows. If so have you thought about a glass repair company. Such as Glas-weld. They have offices throughout the UK.
A friend of mine operates the south east england, and is very good. Even managed to repair chip and scratch marks on tv screen. If interesed i,ll give pnone No

Posted by Auto_Groom (Auto_Groom), 20 January 2004
need the equipment for my valet service .
if you could ask if he can tell you where to get it would be very helpfull cheers
Andy Wink
Posted by shinnyshinner (shinnyshinner), 20 January 2004
Hi Andy
Found this link of a supplier who sells these products.
I was looking into something like this a while ago but using vacuum some company from the states, I was talking to to send over here, will send it if I find link on computer, should be  some where. may be these can help worth a email
Hope this helps

Posted by shinnyshinner (shinnyshinner), 21 January 2004
Hi andy
Dont know if these sites any good.

Posted by Auto_Groom (Auto_Groom), 21 January 2004
thanx guys
going to check them out right this minute Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley
Posted by Wishy-Washy_window (Mikey Y), 26 January 2004
Another system to look at,


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