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New Flyer ??

Posted by replacement (Justin R), 17 March 2004
Just finnished my new flyer for an posh end of town tomorrow where there's loads of conservaties. Going to print off 200 for that area and post tomorrow.

Here it is....

Well what do you think? Have i covered all the areas ie Frames etc etc?

Posted by Ian_Giles (Ian_Giles), 17 March 2004
I'm impressed, a very professional flyer.
I no longer need to 'grow' my round, but if I did I think I might well take a leaf out of your book.
I am looking into getting a WFP system, so maybe I will begin to expand again if I find it successful.
If I do, I shall be cribbing off you!

Posted by easycleanwindows (easycleanwindows), 17 March 2004
Nice.Only one point i would like to make without you being offended.
We have used wfp for twleve months and use mainly on our commercial work and larger houses.Some times and very rarely we use it on conservatories and i would advise you not to put this wholey in your leaflet.
What you need to put into your leaflet is that you clean conservatories and mention your wfp because you run the risk of commiting yourself with it and unable to clean with it.Alot of conservs are pretty straight forward but they do get more complex and time to time you will have to go on the roof by hand wfp tend to knock the finials and the crest off if pushed to hard and you cant get right into them unless its by hand with a good detergent especially the really green ones.Also some conservs have flat roofs and poles dont work at 90 degrees angle you would break your arms off.We tend to do most by hand then pressure wash off and keep our wfp to the bigger/taller buildings.Most people will pay between 10-50 for a complete conserv clean but most expect to have the gutters done to wfp wont do this.We clean upto 80feet and our highest residential is 46feet be carefull that when you tell a customer you can do their conserv with your wfp that you can actually do it.
Good luck.
Posted by replacement (Justin R), 17 March 2004
yeah i understand where your coming from there on the conservatory side of things. But i have cleaned 2 already with no problems with an WFP and found them to be really easy. I got a special angle part for the brush and it works a treat. ( plus it dont hurt me arms ) As for the crowns i have not had issues there yet but i know i am going too. I am not 100% sure how to deal with them atm, as in if they fall off how the hell do you get them back? As you can tell i have not cleaned any with the crowns yet.

Thanks for the advice anyway.

Posted by woodman (woodman), 17 March 2004
sorry if it's a stupid question Roll Eyes but I'm a carpet cleaner Grin

But don't your arms ache like mad and do your sleeves get soaking wet using this system.

Just want to know out of curiosity Wink

Posted by replacement (Justin R), 17 March 2004
Yeah your arms can ache sometimes its all in the way you use the pole and where you stand as well with the arms. Same as for water i dont hardly get wet usless your right under the pole and if your under the pole your doing it all wrong, but saying that on some windows its hard not to be under it.

Posted by easycleanwindows (easycleanwindows), 17 March 2004
When we use ours 70feet up we use a 24" gooseneck so u cant get wet then its not in the arm movements its moving forward and back with your legs.
Posted by williamx (williamx), 18 March 2004
I also would't state that the windows will dry to a spotless and streak free state.  How will you explain to the customer when their windows bead? also the windows will not come up to standard until they have been cleaned a few times?
Posted by replacement (Justin R), 18 March 2004
If you use the WFP correctly and have the correct flow rate then there be no problems. I have done alot of windows and a few have beaded but they still dry spotless and smear free. I am started to think is the way i do them.

As for the windows to come up to standed a few times do them right 1st time then they dont have to wait.

Also i tell the customer 100% prefect or ill redo them. Anit had to redo none yet Wink  Should have put that on my flyer somewhere.

Posted by Gordon_Taylor (Gordon_Taylor), 18 March 2004
Never used a water fed system on windows, i've have  an unger Hi-Flo kit which I find great for conservatory roofs, But when you use a water fed system what happens if say you hit the window just above the window and that area is rotten do you not get any runs.

Posted by replacement (Justin R), 18 March 2004
Anit had no wooden windows yet, but when i do ill let you no.

Only had a water droplet from top of frame drop onto windows leaving a water mark and thats it apart from some minor spotting when i was testing on my own house thats all i have had with a wfp.


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