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Posted by squeaky (squeaky), 10 February 2004
Has anyone ever used to host your web site?

When I first had a web site I got to host it for me,all went ell for the first year (I paid monthly by DD)
I had heard nothing from them and assumed that everything was all ok.
I then had a phone call from a friend (also runs a cleaning business) to say that my web site was no longer on air.
I contacted to ask them what the f*%k is going on to be told that the 12 months was up and as I had not contacted them to extend for another year they had assumed that I had made other arrangements.I said that surely it was up to them to contact me but they basically said why should they!
And to cap it all they did not say anything about them hosting it for another year or asking me if I wanted them to.

What a bunch of morons.

Like yellow pages they assume that because they are the biggest that everyone will bend over backwards to advertise with them.

I now do the absolute basic adverts (which is still a rip off ) Shocked

I would not give them the dripping off my nose. Grin

Mark Tongue
Posted by paulgriffin (paulgriffin), 11 February 2004
Hi - just cruising this message board looking for opportunities for a product a client markets - - I built the site and host it for them for 5 per month if you're interested - it also happens to be probably the greatest cleaning product on the planet as well!  I am a little biased I guess but suffice it to say that nearly all the London Local Authorities use it and it's on trial in two major retail chains!

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