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Telephone canvasing

Posted by peewa (neil 47), 7 April 2004
Is telephone canvasing any good for getting extra buissnes
or is it a waste of time.
Or is it better to call in person.


Posted by williamx (williamx), 7 April 2004
Telephone canvasing old customers is good for getting further work from them or asking them for recommedations to friends or family, but cold calling new customers, you will find yourself with a big phone bill and very few customers.

Telephone canvasing commercial customers might work better?
Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_Gourlay), 8 April 2004
We do telephone canvassing.  You need to clear numbers with Telephone Prefrence Service.

In a two hour session we can obtain 2 customers.

and 3 interested.

Best time to phone is between 4 and 6

Sounds goodHuhHuh??

Telephone canvasses only tell you the best !!!!!!!!

On a bad day it can be zilch.

No need for big phone bill

One Tel unlimited calls about 15 a month private line

Door Knocking produces better results, and keeps you fit amd healthy. rather than sitting on your bum.

You can do instant surveys.

Have you the desireHuh??  The hungerHuh
Posted by Martin_Riley (Martin_Riley), 8 April 2004
Hi Neil. How are you?
Sorry I Haven't spoken to you lately but I moved house a short while ago. Just about getting on top of things. Give me a ring and we'll have a chat about how it's going. My new number is 01884 251747.
Martin Smiley

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