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Bleach marks

Posted by John_Russell (John_Russell), 20 July 2003
Hi there-

I've been asked to remove a stain from a carpet and I'm stuck! This has been caused by a bleach spillage on a light coloured carpet which has now turned brown. Any ideas?   Huh
Posted by mike_gambon (mike_gambon), 21 July 2003
Cry Fraid you might B stuck with this - bleach is an oxidant - it probably isn't a stain you've got but bleached-out fibres = new carpet!!
Posted by Derek (Derek), 2 August 2003
An alternative is to section the area i.e. cut out the bleach stain and insert a spare piece of carpet (assuming that there is some available)

Another alternative is to gently remove some tufts from the carpet at the edge of the room and use these to retuft

Hope this helps

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