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`Dog-Earing Channels/ Part two/Leicester Show

Posted by L.Doubtfire (L.Doubtfire), 3 April 2004
Denzil,Tam,Steve,Tom Moffatt and anyone I guess whose interested.I have done `dog - earing`
of squeegee  channels awhile ago now,and never really `rated` it much,but this is what I`ve come
up with this a, my workshop working with Steccone lightweight aluminium and economy alumnium
channels.They were a `dream` to cut and work with etc.because of their softness.I cut approx. 3/8ths. of
an inch `square` from the end of each channel,smoothed and filed down etc.Cut a rubber to approx. 3/16ths of an inch in from each end,then `dog -eared` the two corners etc. Working with a normal strip
washer and seperate squeegee,great,better than I thought it would be.I am though,and have to admit,I`m
a `two-in-one` `combo` merchant.In the main a `SqueegeeMate` user(sometimes `Wagtail combo`s)
My own personal favorite set-up is a Pulex swivel plastic handle,Steccone aluminium, channel and  `SqueegeeMate` 12 or 14 inch sizes.When I  was using a `two-in-one` set-up (which I`ve never done before with the squeegee channel `dog -eared`) can`t explain it,but the `feel` of the tool in general felt different somehow,but did`nt really alter the finished outcome.Question for Denzil,and possibly Tom Moffatt. When you were using your `dog-eared` channels last week, was your rubber `flush` with the channel end,slightly protruding or did you have the same arrangement as myself explained and outlined
above? Perhaps by the Leicester show,all of us interested parties could perhaps bring along our own
versions etc. and `swap` some ideas as to our own findings .Any takers? If there are,where do you people fancy meeting  up and what time?

Lewis Doubtfire, Gleem Clean (Blade Runner)

Posted by tam (tam), 5 April 2004
        I am down on Friday for the AGM just give me a time. I also have a stand for S/NVQs so you can get me there all day Saterday.
Posted by L.Doubtfire (L.Doubtfire), 5 April 2004
How about meeting you at your stand at twelve noon,thats if it dos`nt interfere with your
lunch? Thats on Saturday if thats oaky? I was going to try and make it down Friday to take
in the A.G.M. but its looking doubtful now what with one thing and another. Anyone else
interested,if so,bring along  ya dogs ears! While I`m online,been having a few `teething`
problems today.If your `bends` are too much,ys have to press on more otherwise the rubber
`misses` and `skips`.Leesen the bend and the rubber slips around unless they are held with  brass
end clips which have to be `cheated` in to hold.Thats something  I`m trying to avoid.The only other
way I guess would be to use spring loaded teeth grip handles for the channels and thats not practical
using say a `SqueegeMate` with them.My `dog-eared channels are nothing like what `Fez` sent down
on his photo yesterday.Anyways I`ve enough handles as it is.I hope Denzil can make it,it sounds like
he`s got this business off to ` `tee`.

Lewis Doubtfire, Gleem Clean  (Blade Runner)

Posted by tam (tam), 5 April 2004
A couple of beers for lunch sounds good to me.

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