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How to price up a job?

Posted by tacleaning (T. A. Cleaning), 7 November 2003
Hi All,

Whats the best way to price up domestic and commercial window cleaning work?

Price per window?

Posted by Neil (wylie), 7 November 2003
I am new to this game so have been doing a lot of pricing up latley, I know how much I need to be earning to cover my costs such as diesel, insurance, and deepheat,(for my aching arms) add on how much my wife wants me to earn, a little bit for me. THEN GUESS!!!
Most of the time I seem to be about right, sometimes high sometimes low but after you have done a few you seem to get a feel for it.
I have leaned to NEVER ask how much there last w/c was charging coz they never tell you the truth and that then puts you in a difficult position. Do you, seem expensive by putting up the price, or say OK i will do it for that price and then kick yourself when you get back to the van?. Think of a number add a couple of quid and go for it they can only say no. besides when they see how good you are they know they are getting a good deal!!!!!
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 7 November 2003
Another tip ,If someone comes out while you are cleaning a house and asks you if you can clean there windows , and then ask  how much will it be. Dont give them a price until you have had a look around the back as they could have more windows around the back than they do at the front ,  Cool
Posted by Bones (Bones), 7 November 2003
Wylie, I will admit that when I price up a job on a non average house (you know, semi, terraced, bungalow etc) I do ask what their last cleaner charged, and I always seem to be a couple of quid dearer and i still get the job   Huh Roll Eyes

Posted by Neil (wylie), 7 November 2003
Maybe I have just got too much of a concience or perhaps i am not tough enough yet but once they tell me what they were charged the Mr nice guy in me takes over! And then I hate myself for the rest of the day lol. Cheesy
Posted by Bones (Bones), 7 November 2003
Wylie, I too have this Mr. Nice Guy inside (especially for the stunners Wink), but now I know i ain't going to be getting another wage packet from full time employment he hide away a bit more.

When I ask and she/he say's £6 I'll always say well i can't do this for less than £8 but I wipe your frames and  your sills. and that usually get's me the job,..... I think Huh

Posted by Neil (wylie), 7 November 2003
I havent got any stunners on my round but more Nora Battys than is fairSad Sad Sad
Posted by Bones (Bones), 7 November 2003
If you want to get some stunners on your round this is how to do it Wink Wink

When you're out with the lads in the club or pub just wander up to the birds and give them the hello darlin', and when they give you the reply "oh no" or "you're joking", just say, "sorry luv, I don't wanna get in your knickers,.. I just wanna clean your windows" and give her your card Wink Wink Wink

Posted by Londoner (Londoner), 8 November 2003
It only goes to show, one mans Nora Batty is another mans stunner.

Ive been doing this job on and off for 25 years and still haven't a clue what to charge. Pricing is the difficult bit.

What I have come to realise is that if you canassed and said to the customers  you would clean their windows for a pound some people would still say you are too dear.

The higher your price the more refusals you will get but you still get those that agree to the price.

It works out better in the long run to clean less windows for more money than the other way round.

If only I could practice what I preach
Posted by crystal (crystal), 9 November 2003
slightly different slant on this one, i canvassed & priced jobs at what ithought was a reasonable price at the time, having had 3 weeks worth of windows behind me now i realise not so. when i go back to do first clean i expain briefly that ive realised ive undercharged  Sad Embarassed & could i reqoute so far all customers have agreed to my revised price Wink sometimes almost twice the price my point is dont be scared to value the job at what it is actually worth youll be suprised at at what the customer will agree to. at worst they can refuse so you either walk away or accept original with a grimace. Undecided

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