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Cleaning Weird Stuff?

Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 23 March 2004
Hi Guys

whats the weirdest thing you ever been asked to clean? (i thought about this while looking and the 40ft artic fridge post).

Mine has to be a loft full of pigeons 'you know what' didn't do it though, value my health too much.

So, come on, fess up, what was/is it?


Martin Cool
Posted by Fox (Fox), 24 March 2004
Hi Martin

The weirdest thing I had to clean was an old boys toe nails!!!! (I hate feet but used to be in the care business!)  Smiley
Posted by DP (DP), 25 March 2004
I have done a lot of weid stuff over the years but:

One of the funniest, was cleaning a white cat (then dark grey from smoke contamination) we did get it whitish again after many scrubs but it took a while.

One of the scariest, was cleaning the inside of a 160 foot high chimney which was being reconfigured as a ventilation shaft. Although I had cleaned many lift shafts from smoke before, this was tight as the opening was only 500mm x500mm (about the size of a kitchen unit).

I had to go down through it on a winch with the lance of a pressure washer (located on the roof of the building) tied to my waist and a torch, 3 hours of steaming hell and the feeling of needing a new job.

I did nothing but weid jobs for about 10 years, but those are just two I remember very well.

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