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wet feet and foot wear

Posted by choice.clean (choice.clean), 3 April 2004
wfp users how do you avoid getting your feet wet
it seems almost impossible to avoid soaking feet i have tried lots of different footwear what do you use how do you overcome the problem of going inside to do internal windows when feet are wet and danger of slipping on algae on ground when soles of boots shoes are wet
Posted by karlosdaze (karlosdaze), 3 April 2004
Stand further back from the window, and adjust the angle of your brush head.
Posted by choice.clean (choice.clean), 3 April 2004
i do a lt of domestic and sometimes in an alleyway you are working much nearer and can't avoid a shower this is particularly when your feet get drenched once its done your wet all day
Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 3 April 2004
I've noticed you get, not just wet feet, but the water tends to run up your sleeves as well!  Sometimes it is the brush angle.

If you need to go inside, why not carry some slip-on plastic shoe covers.  They really are good, you can get them from Arco.  It looks pro if you have them as well, theyre cheap, disposable and very easy to use.

Posted by dave_carroll (dave_carroll), 4 April 2004
i use 'porrelle drys' they're really for cyclists, they're waterproof & thermal, you wear them instead of socks. cheapest place i've found  is about £13.00, but they work really well.

            trust me i'm a window cleaner  Grin

Posted by peterf (peterf), 4 April 2004
on 04/03/04 at 22:27:35, Philip Hanson wrote:
I've noticed you get, not just wet feet, but the water tends to run up your sleeves as well!  Sometimes it is the brush angle.


I used to have that problem, it was due to the water not spraying out of the brush with enough force, I solved it by changing to jets with a good spray.  If there is not enough force some of the water tends not  to reach the glass, and results in running down from  the bottom of the brush, and down the pole to your hands.


Posted by stevekennedy (stevekennedy), 4 April 2004
We ahd same problem. We now wear Gore-tex lined boots. No more wet feet.

We got them for £50 from ARCO
Posted by choice.clean (choice.clean), 4 April 2004
thnaks for your replies i was interested to see your solutions i use the waterproof socks and breathable waterproof trousers but the shoes are still a big problem and sometimes the socks leak so the outer boot is my biggest problem i think
Posted by Neil (wylie), 4 April 2004
I dont use wfp but I was having a problem with wet and cold feet.
About three weeks ago I bought a pair of Berghaus boots from Millets.
They are extremely comfortable, water proof and thermal (gore-tex) so they are warm on cold days and cool on hot days, and my feet never overheat. (no more smelly feet)
Not cheap at £80 but well worth the cost.
People are happy to spend a fortune on shoes which get worn for a couple of hours in the pub on a Saturday night but when it comes to work boots they tend to think "oh well whats the point of spending to much they are only for working in"
40 hours a week of hard work (honest) is reason enough to spend the dosh and get the best boots available.  


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