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"need some help"

Posted by fitzroy_simms (fitzroy_simms), 1 April 2004
hi guys just a quick one i have been asked to clean a leather 3 piece suite cream in colour with soiled areas on the seats need a little advice on the best things to use. Kiss  
Posted by Phil_@_Deep_Clean (Phil_@_Deep_Clean), 1 April 2004

If its a cheap leather I use One Step gently agitated with a soft brush, on a cream/beige suite you can see the the soil coming off with ease.
Follow this up with a conditioner!  

However I wouldnt advise this method, and certainly not on an expensive suite as some people on here say its not the right way to clean leather.

So use Chemspec Leather Cleaner & Conditioner, I have been told this is a good product.

Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 1 April 2004

Phil is right...the Chemspec leather cleaner is good on pigmented leather

Posted by fitzroy_simms (fitzroy_simms), 3 April 2004
thanx for the advice taken on board your info cheers Wink

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