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cleaning suede

Posted by brucie (brucie), 9 October 2003
I have just been asked to quote for cleaning of a suede sofa. Anyone know who supplies chemicals for this purpose? Or any advice?
Posted by Nigel_W (Nigel_W), 9 October 2003


You need to check if it really is suede. Many of my clients tell me its suede when it is actually alcantara or novasuede. These are man made (nylon) but some can be very difficult to differentiate from the real thing. If it is man made you can wet clean it as normal.(after testing!)

To be honest over the years I have come across very few real suede sofa's. The last suede chair I cleaned I did with sandpaper!!

Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 9 October 2003
Hi Guys

Nigel is right...It is not often you come across a suede suite ....having said that I did come across one a few weeks ago and declined to take it on. It was very heavily soiled (and I mean heavy) with perspiration build up on the arms and other body contact areas..

I took advice and based on the information as to the results I said NO!

Most of the simulated leather / flock fabrics are either 100% Nylon or more recently 100% Polyester is being used.
These can be wet cleaned  but beware of delaminating backing fabrics usually already damaged by wear and perspiration contamination, cleaning may agravate the situation possibly leaving you owning the suite!


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