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Do we have to use metric measures?

Posted by md_cleaning_york (md_cleaning_york), 9 January 2004
Can anyone shed some light on whether or not we can charge to clean carpets by the square foot or do we have to use metric measures instead
Posted by Christal_Clean (Bryan H), 9 January 2004

I never quote in areas for domestic work, just give a price per job.

Commercial I always measure in square yards, easier to pace
than metres.  Then I give price for job. sometimes entering
total yardage on quotation.

If asked I will supply price per yard & price per metre.

Don't know what the law says,  and Don't care !
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 9 January 2004

A man after my own heart... I still use square yards...maybe its the 'can't teach an old dog' syndrome but It has served me well and I too will stick to it.

I am afraid I am not disposed to being a good European much prefering to be 'Anglo Saxon with a dash of Viking' and proud of it (apologies to the Tony Hancock 'Blood Donor')  I have left the computer correction of Tony's name in as I think it's funny....I am sure that you know exactly who I mean and that he too would see the funny side of it. Grin

Pricing by the square foot always seems to me that you are trying to con the customer in some way... its a 'me' offence to those who use this system intended.

Posted by MB (Mark Betts), 9 January 2004
Hi Derek

When i measure a room I use square feet,

How would this be conning the customer, surely if u measure by the square yard a square yard is the same as 9 sq ftHuh



Posted by woodman (woodman), 9 January 2004
If on your written quotes you mention sizes, for example:   To clean lounge 20 sq mts..........70.00

You should always quote in metric sizes,  any one who isn't risks prosecution. (remember the bananas case in Sunderland) Roll Eyes

Of course you don't have to mention the sizes on your written quote most just put the price having measured, per room.

I always quote in sq mts.

I believe it's much more professional approach and I also use a laser guided measure which measures in sq mts,the customers love it . Wink
Posted by strakercleaning (strakercleaning), 9 January 2004
Back you up on the lazer measurer Cool Customers like to think that technology is foolproof and that means you have taken an exact measurement therefore your quote will be accurate Roll Eyes I price carpets by the square metre... worked for companies years ago who did so and it came natural to follow the trend.
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 9 January 2004
Hi Mark

I did say that it was a 'me' thing...

I recall being conned many moons ago when we went over to decimalisation with salesmen selling chemicals at a per litre price... everyone else was still thinking in terms of gallons out of habit.
Came as one hell of a shock when you got the bill.

Telling your customer that its 25p per foot doesn't always ring any bells...70.00 for a room does

Its a good point about using the old measurements and the day someone will get caught out.... probably me Grin

Posted by MB (Mark Betts), 9 January 2004
See what u mean Derek.
No offence taken. I dont quote them at say 30p sq ft I just use that as a basis for calculating cost.

I do then tell them it is x amount of  for the job/room etc.



Posted by John_Flynn (John_Flynn), 10 January 2004
The University of Life taught me that the only metres I got in my head are Gas and Electric having a Truckmount it is a good job that I haven't got a Water one, I was born British and NO WAY am I going to be European, that is for them folk over the Channel.
Posted by Jim_Lynch (Jim_Lynch), 10 January 2004
Have to agree with Derek and Mark. How you arrive at your price is academic and irrelevant to your customer. They only need to know the dollar/pound/euro or whatever amount. Your calculations mean bug*er all to them.


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