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!! Important information about advertising !!

Posted by admin (Forum Admin), 16 September 2003
Can members please be aware that although any cleaning related topic may be discussed in this forum,  it should not be used solely to promote your own products or services.

In future, any topic that, in our opinion, is a blatant advert will be highlighted as such.

Please remember, this forum is here so we can all help each other and you will only get out of it as much as you put in!


Forum Admin
Posted by shinnyshinner (shinnyshinner), 16 September 2003
Nice one here here I thought clean it up was going into partnership with the yellow pages.
Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 16 September 2003
ditto. all the advice people need is here and for free
Posted by wazzastud (wazzastud), 18 September 2003
Yes i aint got a problem with that........perhaps you could place a great big notice at the beginning of the site so people like me are made well aware of a newby i first looked through your site and saw a representative of a company advertising product and telling people that they needed a huge great list of equipment they didnt really need to start a window cleaning business i have since found out that EXPRESS CLEANING SUPPLIES are the sponser of the book has sold out by the way and we are on our second thousand print run......which rest assured will not be mentioned EVER AGAIN on this site................
Warren Shenton (liberty new media group)
Posted by admin (Forum Admin), 18 September 2003
This site is here so we can all help each other and there is no problem with anybody promoting anyones products or services (even your book!). The point is that there is a limit - no-one wants to read the same post time and time again!

As far as sponsorship goes, somebody has to pay the costs of running this site but that does not allow them to post anything, anywhere! There are many of suppliers of equipment that have posted, and can continue to post, relevent information on products they supply, it just has to be in moderation.

As has been mentioned before, those that put the effort into the site will get the most out of it!


Forum Admin

p.s. there is now an agreement new members will have to read when registering which also recommends they use their real name, or company name. This is a professional forum and people will take posts more seriously if they appear to come from a professional. If there's anyone who has since thought better of the user name they've chosen they can change it in the profile section.

I trust that clears things up for you wazzastud.

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