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Akward top windows

Posted by tonyx (tonyx), 22 January 2004
Not a window cleaner myself but need help as the missus is driving me loopy. Have had a couple of window cleaners before but they never come back again most probably because the windows are not worth the hassle. Two top windows above bay windows which jut out so difficult to get ladder in a comfy position. The windows are top openers and are difficult to get your arm or hand around from the inside.
From what I have read long poles are not good to control because of the height, so was wondering if there are any attachments I could buy that would allow me to clean these top windows from the inside of the house. Most gratefull for any help, thanks.
Posted by pdhanson (Silly Philly), 22 January 2004
If you find a window cleaner who uses water fed pole equipment (rather than the usual tools stuck on a pole), I'd be very suprised if they cant get to your windows.

I have heard of window cleaners using these up to a height of 70 feet and more.  Persoanlly I have used one at about 40 feet, or 4 storeys.

Try your yellow pages, if they do use poles, they will certainly advertise the fact as it is a good commercial selling point.


Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 23 January 2004
Where abouts are you , as we have forum members with poles on this site

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