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upholstery tools

Posted by nick_warrenevans (nick_warrenevans), 4 December 2003

I use Prochem machines and tools, overall i am happy with them.
But i do have one gripe and that is the upholstery hand tool. it is difficult to control the spray and very often cause an overspray.

Is ther any other manufacturer whose hand tool is better and is compatible to prochem systems Huh
Posted by Ken_Wainwright (Ken Wainwright), 4 December 2003
I've had Prochem tools for years Nick, and not had any problems. Is your valve sticking? Might need a service or replacement. Is your tool set up correctly, has the mounting been bent causing misalligned spray? Is it a problem from holding the tool at the wrong angle? There are lots of variables to consider before you go replacing.
Safe and happy cleaningSmiley

PS Virtually all tools can be fitted to all machines. Might require a fitting change, but that's not rocket science.
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 4 December 2003
Hi Nick

Not sure if you were aware but Prochem do 6 different hand tools the most popular of which is the stainless steel 'Glidemaster' which has a 0.4gpm nozzle and is more for stairs and edges rather than upholstery. I'm sure a lot of carpet cleaners have these tools and don't realise that the actual upholstery tools have a 0.1 or 0.2 gpm nozzle.

Worth checking if you are having over-wetting problems!



Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 4 December 2003

Perhaps you should consider one of the enclosed handtools where the jet and vacuum slot are adjacent, Since I switched I have found overspray to be a thing of the past.
The low moisture hand tools seem to work very well

Posted by strakercleaning (strakercleaning), 4 December 2003
I have Prochem's Stainless Steel upholstery tool and it really only sprays a mist. I use it with my Diamondback which has flow rate adjuster for water spray Wink perfick
Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 4 December 2003
I don't think theres one tool that fits all suites, When I clean a suite I use 4 different tools a 3inch inclosed jet, a 4inch hide-a-hose internal, a 6 inch curtain tool and a 4 inch curtain tool.

at the Cleaning Show I noticed that Ashbys had a good selection of hand  tools, they do a nice plastic 4inch internal jet tool that I find very similer to the CFR tool. It has a very large jet so flushes the fabric very well but does'nt have any over spray.

I've said before that all Prochem stuff is over priced, including thier hand tools Wink

Posted by strakercleaning (strakercleaning), 4 December 2003
Prochem is not overpriced if it upholstery tool is 14 years old, as is my Steameasy 400. Not had 3 vacs, 2 pumps and numerous electrical faults like my 3 year old Diamonback Tongue
Posted by Scots_cleaner (Scots_cleaner), 4 December 2003
You should try a get your hands on a chemspec low moisture control tool.

It works great for me and you can do vertical blinds with it and no over spray.
Happy Cleaning
Posted by strakercleaning (strakercleaning), 4 December 2003
Thanks for the tip Scots_cleaner Smiley always open to new ideas and suppliers. Are there any Chemspec outlets in SW London or Surrey?
Posted by Scots_cleaner (Scots_cleaner), 4 December 2003
Dont no look up thier web site
They sent me out a free sample..of chems and spotters
Posted by strakercleaning (strakercleaning), 4 December 2003
Done..........and applied for brochures etc. Cool
Much appreciated.
Posted by Robert_O (Robert_O), 5 December 2003
Hi all

If any one is interested there is Some carpet & upholstery cleaning hand tools and equipment for sale on ebay at the moment.



Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 5 December 2003
All the alloy tools with the trigger on the top are rubbish I've tried them all and they are too bulky & awkward to use.

Who evers buying the hose, with 18 p&p they might as well buy new.

the 6inch curtain tool is OK for the back and sides of suites Mine cost me 80.

the 4inch tool is ok as well.

Posted by MB (Mark Betts), 5 December 2003
I agree Mike,

Those tools look like something Noah used to clean out the Ark!!!!!

Posted by Jim_Lynch (Jim_Lynch), 5 December 2003
The Drimaster tool from Hydramaster is excellent. No trigger, and excellent drying times.
I also use occasionally the Kleenrite tool, which is an enclosed jet/vac tool. but overall the Drimaster is better.

Posted by MICHAEL_GAYTON (MICHAEL_GAYTON), 5 December 2003
Iam with Jim the Drimaster  upholstery tool  is great,they let you have one on demo to try for yourself
its from Hydramaster
Posted by Robert_O (Robert_O), 6 December 2003
An idea of Vacuum & Solution Extension Hose Assemblies
100psi (non-heat exchanger) male / female fittings with vacuum hose connector
15ft/5m extension hose assy. PR1040E / 100.00 25ft/7.5m extension hose assy. PR3005E / 135.00
50ft/15m extension hose assy. PR3004E / 235.00
All +VAT & Postage

Curtain Tool
New stainless steel curtain cleaning tool with 15cm / 6" perforated vacuum nozzle. Fitted with brass valve, 1/4" female quick connect and 110-01 fine spray tip.
(Only for use in conjunction with wet extraction cleaning of washable curtains.)
PM2504 / 135.00 + Vat & postage

The Alloy tools could be a useful backup tool to pull a cleaner out of trouble if there main tool springs a leak or damaged in some way. I agree perhaps not 'the best tools' on the market but not useless.

The beauty of auctions is, the buyer is in control to set there own price limit.

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