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Rain Guarantee

Posted by Polepro (Polepro), 12 November 2003
Recently I heard of a window cleaner who offered a rain insurance scheme to his customers. He charges 15% more for the service and if it rains within 48 hours of cleaning and the customer calls within that time he will go back and clean only the affected windows again for free.

He says that many of his customers take him up on the offer, and that he no longer gets complaints about cleaning on rainy days, but he says that so far he has only been called out on three occasions in the last year. Overall he says that his earning potential has gone up and lots of new customers have come his way since starting the scheme. I was thinking of starting this myself, what do others here think about it?

Posted by sham33 (sham33), 12 November 2003
Rain water doesn't really mark the windows that much does it? Think of it as a free pure water window cleaning system  Grin

Sounds like a bad idea to me, customers always ringing up because theres been a few specs of rain when I'm busy trying to catch up else where.
Posted by easycleanwindows (easycleanwindows), 12 November 2003
I dont think you need a gurantee i clean while its raining and unless the rain hits the window horizontally they stay dry under the roof eves and if you clean them in the rain they will dry clean

Posted by elfords (elfords), 12 November 2003
Surely there are enough customers in your area to not have to be thinking of giving such a guarantee. You would be for ever chasing your tail and any reasonable customer would understand that you are not god and have no control over the weather, I have always found that most are grateful to just have a good service come rain or shine and those that are`nt can take a long walk off a short pier or go and find a window cleaner that offers a rain guarantee!! But hey we are all entitled to run are business how we see fit so good luck and let me know how your doing after several wet years  Huh  Grin
Posted by Polepro (Polepro), 12 November 2003
I wanted to put my prices up next year by quite a lot as I think that my prices have fallen behind, I thought that by offering the rain guarantee I would lose less customers and be able to raise my prices more than I would have done otherwise.

Posted by easycleanwindows (easycleanwindows), 12 November 2003
The only way i put my prices up is to get more customers were lucky in a way because we dont really have a competitor in our region with pure water reach poles so we get a lot of work commercially so i am able to keep my residential prices down what prices are you charging?
Posted by The_Fed_Man (The_Fed_Man), 12 November 2003

I know who mean and think a guarantee or insurance payment would work better in a residential market, I think this is mainly where he applies it.  As you know residential is less price competitive, it might tip the balance the wrong way on commercial.  If the subject of weather comes up everybody wants a cleaning in good weather, nobody understands trying to keep a schedule and run a business.

I do offer a rain guarantee if I face any opposition to bad weather and have not had to go back yet but overall find it better not to mention it unless necessary.
Posted by paul (paul), 19 November 2003
i have never offered a rain guarantee i feel if you educate your customers and explain that rain water does not mark clean window i dont think your have a problem
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 19 November 2003
I give a rain gaurantee, if it rains I am in the van and on my way home, I think that there is nothing worse than working in the rain Cool
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 19 November 2003
Hi Paul,
          Do you carry on when it rains Huh

Posted by geoffreyspecht (geoffreyspecht), 25 November 2003
i always work in the rain got a living to make,i live in north wales it rains quite alot here so u have to work otherwise u might aswell pack the job in.

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