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Ladder Clamps

Posted by Kimm (Kimm), 29 March 2004
Hiya, I saw somewhere on the forum's a while ago a link to a website that sells relatively cheap ladder clamps, I think about 15, but I just cant seem to find that post now.

Can anyone help?
Posted by stevey331 (stevey331), 30 March 2004
hiya kimm  Wink

kimm have you tryed looking on   i am pretty sure there sell ladder clamps

Posted by julian_d (julian_d), 30 March 2004
try the window cleaning warehouse 08000280469 20.00 inc padlocks! Smiley
Posted by Kimm (Kimm), 30 March 2004
Thanks guys, I have now managed to locate the thread, 14.99 from

quite a few other things on there too that are a bit cheaper than the major sites.

Ordered some things today and really friendly and helpful

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