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How do you handle wind!!

Posted by Mick_Taylor (Mick_Taylor), 14 November 2003
After one house today the sky opened and down came the rain but that stopped but the wind hasn't.
So I stopped for the day & did an inside job
Any safety tips!!

Posted by matt (matt), 14 November 2003
allways work upwind of your mate, then it doesnt matter if he has had a curry the night B4 or not  Tongue
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 14 November 2003
Hi Mick,
          I personally just pack up for the day Roll Eyes Its better than ending up in hospital Cry

Steve Lowe
Posted by Londoner (Londoner), 15 November 2003
The most dangerous situation is when you try to tough it out because you want to get on or you need the cash.

Rain obvously stops you working but wind is the real killer because theres always some wind. The hard part is knowing when enough is enough.

If you have ever been up a ladder and been caught by a really heavy sudden blast of wind you don't forget it in a hurry.
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 15 November 2003
The way to look at it is if ever you go up a ladder and I think to yourself this is a bit risky  then it is , pack up and go home , you can allways clean another day  Cool
Posted by pdhanson (Silly Philly), 27 November 2003
Once I was on a roof when a sudden gust blew my ladders down.  So there I was, suck in the air, not a soul around to help, and the customer wasn't in!

Fortunately, I had my mobile with me, and a friend who lived nearby who came to the rescue. (though I had to endure jokes at my expense for a few weeks)

If they'd have fallen on the customers car, (Or the customer!) I'd have been in trouble.  And if I'd not had my phone, I'd have been really stuck!

My advice?  Wind = Car > Home > Cuppa.  Its just not worth the risk!

The Silly One
Posted by geoffreyspecht (geoffreyspecht), 27 November 2003
what i do is look for areas of ny which shelterd from the wind and clean those houses instead
Posted by karlosdaze (karlosdaze), 13 December 2003
You could always try pole work, takes a little practise, but well worth it in these situations. Practise at home, use either the combi from Ettore, or try a ledger for those long sills.
Failing that - charcoal tablets (couldn't resist).

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