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steam clean carpark

Posted by morrisane (morrisane), 19 October 2003
Can anyone help me how to steam clean carpark and how much should I charge? ( by hour)

What type of equipement do I use?

Carpark - 2 floors in each 5 buildings.

I have to give a quotation for this.

Thank for you info.   Smiley

Posted by acleanerplace (acleanerplace), 21 October 2003
if your doing carparks you need to hire a diesel powered steam cleaner or pressure washern price then depends on hire time and square footage
i hope this helps

Posted by aqua-cleanse (aqua-cleanse), 21 October 2003
Are you cleaning all the carpark or just the bays (oil removal)if its just the bays then why not charge per bay not forgetting how much( price )the chemical is per bay.
Does the carpark have interceptor tanks if not this could be problem if you are swilling waste down drain.
A flat surface cleaner should do the job as you dont get any spray all over just made for that type of job
This type of work is what i am wanting to get into so please keep us informed as to how you get on good luck . Dave
Posted by DerekW (Hydrotech_UK), 21 October 2003
Guys, without wishing to advertise, please call us and we can forward an information pack to you today.
Posted by morrisane (morrisane), 25 October 2003

Thanks for your postings, will updates any news soon!!! Cool

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