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soda blasting

Posted by deanyoung (deanyoung), 11 November 2003
Just a quick one.Does anyone know where i can buy a soda blasting system?I'd appreciate any help. Undecided
Posted by catrodney (catrodney), 11 November 2003
Hi Dean,
Yorkshire  01924 48600
Posted by deanyoung (deanyoung), 11 November 2003
Cheers I'll try them. Smiley
Posted by John_Flynn (John_Flynn), 11 November 2003
Shame you only gave a 5 digit phone number, us Yorkshire lads got the whole hog and use 6!!!!
Posted by catrodney (catrodney), 13 November 2003
try 01924 486000
Posted by johnstanley (johnstanley), 5 January 2004
what is a soda blasting system
Posted by dyson (dyson), 5 January 2004
Liquid or Dry application?

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