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Posted by riz (riz), 14 March 2004
How much should a 1 man band, wfp & ladders, dom & com be paying public liabiltyHuh??

Posted by replacement (Justin R), 14 March 2004
There's a few subjects about insurance might be worth looking on the forum for them.

I am an 1 man band with just WFP no Ladders i got 2 million PL for 132.50p. That was before i looked on the forums as some are paying alot less for the same amount.

Posted by riz (riz), 14 March 2004
cheers justin,

was the amount i was thinking (ish)
Have followed your threads, alot of determination!! i'm just about to go over to wfp, is it really good??


Posted by replacement (Justin R), 14 March 2004
Yeah i really do belive i have done the right thing with WFP, 95% plus of my jobs have come from word or mouth and that i do FRAMES as well, which is a real big big plus.

I am new at window cleaning and WFP, but by reading  all the forums ( not just one )about with the information has help me a great deal.

Alot of my new customers love it as they dont have some dirty pervert looking though there bedroom windows, speaically when theres young children about. ( not saying window cleaners do this, it was comments from customers to me which ill share )

There the 2 massive plus points and alot of them love it due to them two points allow.

As for it being faster/slower i have no idea as i have not done windows the normal way and i dont no if its faster as i spend alot of time on the 1st clean. ( like someone said tell them your investing the time now as you hope there be customers for a very long time )

Anyway hope that helps in some way


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