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frame cleaning

Posted by dave_carroll (dave_carroll), 4 April 2004
please help a new boy, i'm about to invest in one of peter f's trolly systems, i'm picking up new jobs all the time so do i do my usual job and clean all the years of dust & crud from the top of the frame which leaves a residue of detergent that will be washed off onto the glass when i get my WFP or leave it so i'm just washing away dust?
                 thanks in advance
Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 4 April 2004
The cleaner the frames are to start with, the better wfp will work.

If you were to do it now, and use soapy water, it wont matter if you later use your pole system.  The results wont suffer because you've used detergent.

You can do it with the pure water when you get the system, but its more likely to leave residue if the frames are very mucky

Posted by easycleanwindows (easycleanwindows), 4 April 2004
We always clean the frames anyway with or without a wfp like i say to all our customers if your having the windows cleaned that means frames,sills and glass if you want a glass cleaner then just the glass.
Posted by dave_carroll (dave_carroll), 4 April 2004
thanks lads

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