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working for banks

Posted by MB (Mark Betts), 11 March 2004

Does anyone do any work for banks??

Its one market I havent tried to get into yet.

If anyone has a sample letter thay have sent to a bank with results it would be most appreciated.


Posted by Scots_cleaner (Scots_cleaner), 11 March 2004
most of the banks are covered by national contracts they may not service them very well but it due to the fact that they have national coverage.

And they are total facilities companies are you set up for that type of thing?

They best way to go for it would be to get 6 or 7 companys up an down the country together pick out the best at contract talks and approach the head offices.

Up for it

Posted by Fox (Fox), 11 March 2004
Hi Mark

Are you talking about carpet cleaning or general cleaning?

Most of the banks have national contracts so they all seem to go to the big boys.  We did a few local - HFC (Houshold bank) but that has now been taken over by HSBC so has become part of a national contract.

So unless you know you can quiet happily at least cover a whole region then you probably won't get a look in.  However it may be worth giving your small local banks a call to see which office deals with their cleaning services.

Good luck
Posted by Musicman (Musicman), 11 March 2004
Mark, as Barry and Fox have stated the High Street banks are sewn up in National Accounts, but there may be opportunities with Building Societies - particularly the smaller, more regional ones.

I did throw in the idea of creating a network of independant contractors about a month or so ago to go for the National Accounts but nobody seemed to show any interest.

Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 11 March 2004

The way I see national accounts most of the large originations use national/franchised companies to clean their buildings theses cleaning companies write into or throw in cc as a free incentive to gain the contract then expect outside cc too it for a pittance, but saying that it may be worth you checking with your own bank or building society manager to see what autonomy they have on cleaning I bet you not a lot!  Any way itís worth a try, sorry I donít have a letter, as I have spoken to both my bank/building soc mangers plus others on this subject no autonomy.

I do like the idea from Musicman networking but doing this every one has to have the same price per sqm that way it may work!


Posted by Scots_cleaner (Scots_cleaner), 12 March 2004
The way you do it is to give the customer one price for all branches so that they can budget around this and you know how many clean to do per year..

Thats all im telling before i say too much in someone steals my idea.........

Too late................ Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy


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