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Posted by Les (Les), 24 January 2004
I've received a call from a lady who's kiddies have emptied the contents of the bathroom cabinet over the carpet. Shocked
Apparently it's mainly Hair Shampoo & Bubble Bath.
I'd appreciate any suggestions.... about the carpet and not what she should do with her kids Grin Wink

Posted by lee_gundry (lee_gundry), 24 January 2004
if its only a small bathroom with cheap bathroom carpet fitted,i would replace it.


apply LOTS OF defoamer powder, over the carpet clean ,using acid rinse.

this will need to be done a few times to remove the foam.

Lee G

i would replace the carpet.
Posted by Les (Les), 24 January 2004
Yeah thanks for confirming my own thoughts Lee, about replacing the carpet I mean.
I just wish the customers would come to the same conclusion.
That's what I'll advise anyway and see what she says. Wink

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