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Leather Protection

Posted by SMP (SMP), 28 November 2003
A client of mine is buying a new leather suite.  They aren't too sure of what the leather is but they believe that it is not the "sprayed on colour" type.  You can tell I don't do leather at this time!!

Anyway the suppliers have offered to scotchguard (or the equivalent of ) the suite for £200 (£50 per seat).

My clients have asked me if this is reasonable.  Is there a protective treatment avilable for leather that will provide a scotchguard type of protection.


Steve Poole
Posted by MICHAEL_GAYTON (MICHAEL_GAYTON), 28 November 2003
You can buy protection cream yourself from Multimaster
Tel 08700 133266 Alpha Point Bradnor Manchester M22 4te. Also if its ,of help you can do Leather Training with a company in Harrogate called L.T.T TEL 01423881027 ASK FOR Judy Bass will send imformation.
mick Roll Eyes
Posted by LTT (LTT), 29 November 2003

Protecting the new leather suite is very important as soon as possible, but it is something the client can do herself or you can do it for her.  We can supply the products and give you technical advice if you need it.  Please also look on our website[/url] [url]which will give your customer advice on cleaning and protecting whatever type of leathr she has.

We are going to do courses specifically for cleaners from the New Year in the North and South of England


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