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starting out

Posted by peewa (neil 47), 10 December 2003
I am about to take the plunge into the carpet cleaning business, and would a apreciate any advice you could all give me as, I have been on the site about a month and would value your advice on starting up.
I live in cornwall the very end.
What machine would i need ?
Any training needed?
How much to set up?
Pitfalls to aviod?
Answers to anyone off these questions will be appreciated
          Huh Huh Shocked

Posted by catrodney (catrodney), 10 December 2003
Hi Neil,
May i answer one of your questions and Highly recommend that you get signed up on a training course i have recently been on the Prochem carpet/upholstery 2 two day course myself,having been in the cleaning industry for the past five years and decided to take on the c/c myself instead of sub-contracting it out.There are other companies who do training Ashbys,Alltec,also The Ncca and other associations hold training courses.
Hope this has helped and iam sure other members of the forum will be along to point you in the right direction re your remaining questions.
Posted by peewa (neil 47), 10 December 2003
Thank you for your advice catrodney,I have considered going with alltec as they seem to do a good start up package,and also give advice on how to use it when you pick it up.
only problem is that all the training seems to be 300 miles away. Shocked Shocked Shocked.
Posted by strakercleaning (strakercleaning), 10 December 2003
Good local place for chemicals/spares and repairs is A to Z Cleaning services at Treskillard. (0800 393016) John Gotts is top man there and been in the game for some time. They may be able to point you towards local training Huh
Posted by Northerclean (Alex), 10 December 2003

I'm using the Ashby's Ninja and I thinks it's bloody great with top results, however, see what others thinks.

Get yourself on the NCCA course (very good starting point on the understanding of carpets and machines)

Start up cost may differ dependent  on if you lease or buy.

Pittfalls to aviod I'd say make sure you get the right equipment and understand carpets.

Hope this helps
Posted by strakercleaning (strakercleaning), 10 December 2003
I use Prochem Steemeasy and Ashbys Diamondback with Prochem, Ashbys and Stapro chemicals. Widely available around London but not so sure about West country. Most machine manufacturers hold training courses but they are relevant to the chemicals/methods they sell. I did NCCA course after 14 years in CC and learned sh*tloads..... Shocked Best advice is learn as much as you can before starting, keep learning and buy the best equipment you can afford.
Good your not starting up in my manor Wink
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 10 December 2003
Hi Neil

The beauty of the two day NCCA courses are that they are totally generic.

The information given over the two days covers ALL systems and you will not be pressurised into buying anything. That's left to you to contact the relevant suppliers.

This will give you enough information to get you started..

Contact the NCCA on 0116 2719550   you can speak to Katie, Nikki or Lewis...all will help you

Kind regards and good luck

Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 10 December 2003
Hi Neal,

If I may, I will highlight the advice behind Dereks' post - Do not buy the equipment untill after the training, that way you will make a more informed choice.

Many do it the other way round and later regret it.

Good luck,

Posted by Martin_Riley (Martin_Riley), 10 December 2003
Hi Neil.   I live in Devon the next county over from you. If you want to you can spend a day with me on the job to see if you like it. I would also recommend that you get yourself onto the Ncca training course. There are also some training courses being held by Alltec in Jan/Feb that I will probably be attending. If you want you can share a lift with me to cut the costs down. I buy a lot of my chemicals and supplies from Alltec and find them to be very good and there after sales service in particular . I do not think you can go far wrong by buying one of their machines. I would however suggest you research the whole market to make sure you get the machine you require.You can contact me on 01884 266386 Smiley Martin
Posted by amberview (amberview), 11 December 2003
Hi Neil,

I'm part of a franchise network which enforces the use the Ninja.

It works ok at cleaning carpets, but the ergonomics are very poor. So bad in fact, that it would be quite easy to hurt your back lifting it in or out of your van.

It is also very, very loud.

I would not recommend buying one.

Good Luck
Posted by stevegunn (Steve Gunn), 11 December 2003
on 12/11/03 at 16:22:20, amberview wrote:
Hi Neil,

I'm part of a franchise network which enforces the use the Ninja.

It works ok at cleaning carpets, but the ergonomics are very poor. So bad in fact, that it would be quite easy to hurt your back lifting it in or out of your van.

It is also very, very loud.

I would not recommend buying one.

Good Luck

I disagree I have an extracta excel which is poorly designed for lifting in and out of your van the sales literature shows it being put into an escort estate but i find this really difficult whereas the ninja is much easier to get in and out of my van plus its much easier to take up stairs where as the excel is a definate no no for taking up stairs.I think you should have a look at as many machines as you can and decide for yourself
Posted by MB (Mark Betts), 11 December 2003
I agree with Steve,

I  had an exel and its a "pig" for climbing stairs. The motors are situated as such in the machine that its a near impossiblilty !!
Also they are very loud and the vac motors are a nightmare to get out.

I now have an alltec advantage and its  a dream on both counts.

When i collected the machine it felt that light and well balanced that i thought they had forgot to put the motors in it.


Posted by Scots_cleaner (Scots_cleaner), 12 December 2003
Prochem powermax with inline heater and get extra hose so you can site the machine at the front door or the back door near the sink to cut down on filling up time ........ also a good vac system to lift the pile before cleaning..

Happy and safe cleaning......And if not happy xmas.....
Posted by peewa (neil 47), 12 December 2003
Thank you everyone for your replies, It,s been very helpfull.
With any luck I should be up and runninig for the new year.
Wish you all a merry christmas and a profitable new year.

Neil    Cheesy Grin Cheesy

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