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Back Gates - A Universal Problem

Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 6 April 2004
Ever since I started window cleaning, I have had a problem with back gates.  Now that we use a pole system rather than ladders, this has become a little bit worse, as you dont have ladders to hand.  I have been giving some thought to how to solve the problem, and I'd welcome your comments:

1: Only doing the fronts if they are not in to open up the back.  We do this already for some, the problem is that you're missing out on work.

2: Asking for a key for the gate, and keep it with a keyring with a number on.  Have the customer's number on the worklist.

3: Encourage customers to get padlocks that use a COMBINATION.  That way they dont need to give you a key.  The combination could be on the worklist.

4: Getting some scramble netting to throw over, rather than using 2 ladder sections.

I'm sure there must be a simple way of solving this problem, maybe staring us in the face!

Posted by allseasons (allseasons), 6 April 2004
Find better customers with out locked gates  Grin

Thats what i did! Wink
Posted by denzle (Denzle), 6 April 2004
How about using a smallish point ladder which could be kept in the van. You can't blame customers keeping their back gates locked these days.
The combination lock idea is also good.

Posted by seanc (seanc), 6 April 2004
the onley problem i can see with the net idia is if the gate is a we bit wobley as most are you could braek the gate and hurt your self and your wallet onley my humble opinion
Posted by replacement (Justin R), 6 April 2004
Do what i do... When i price up for a new job i ask about access ie back gate if its issues i offer to ring the customer the night before this really does swing the customer if there humming and arrriing, i also add 50p for the pleasure as well.

Posted by matt (matt), 6 April 2004
why not buy a group buy of combi padlocks, then we would get a real good price

i idea for a mod or mike to think of Smiley
Posted by The_Fed_Man (The_Fed_Man), 6 April 2004

Them giving you keys for padlocks is best or don't do the back & charge front only, plus a bit more than normal. I once had a wall collapse on me climbing over, bricklayer didn't use a good mix, but I ended up having to repair it.

Sometimes they prefer keys with a neighbour.
Posted by Diamond_Vision (Jeff Brimble), 6 April 2004
Dont you just love it when they only have a draw bolt on the inside of the solid 6ft gate and you need rubber arms to reach it and when you do its either warped or your weight presses down and creates pressure that stretched fingers cannot manage. I thought of a w/c jemmy like a claw hammer 2ft long that you could lift the staple and then hammer it back to release.
Now I leave the ball in their court if I cannot get in I
overcharge for just the fronts and let them worry about how I get to the backs
Posted by D.Salkeld_Ltd (D.Salkeld_Ltd), 7 April 2004
Iff you can't make an arrangement like give you a key or ring them to leave it unlocked then ther's no point bothering

Posted by choice.clean (choice.clean), 7 April 2004
i have a phoning list for the night before don't encourage use of combination locks they are a total pain waited 20 minutes trying to get one off the other day they seem to go faulty very fast.

Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 7 April 2004
When you phone the night before, what happens if the next day it pours down?  Do they just leave it unbolted until you come?

Comb locks break easily do they?

Posted by freegarda (Reflective Property Services), 7 April 2004
I thought with wfp it doesnt matter if it rains?   Tongue Grin
Posted by replacement (Justin R), 7 April 2004
on 04/07/04 at 19:29:49, Philip Hanson wrote:
When you phone the night before, what happens if the next day it pours down?  Do they just leave it unbolted until you come?

Comb locks break easily do they?


I am sure you have said you are doing windows in rain an shine? cant find post.

Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 8 April 2004
Yes thats right, but other window cleaners don't.  Do we all work even in the rain (if we have to)?  

Good on us if we do!  Its about time we werent dictated by the weather!

I thought with wfp it doesnt matter if it rains?

Its not that wfp doesnt matter, I just used the introduction of wfp to let customers know that we might still be coming if it rained.  Theres no reason you cant work in the rain with the conventional method too, other than it can be a bit unpleasant.


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