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Portable Water Heaters for WF Poles

Posted by elfords (elfords), 19 January 2004
Hi all,

Has anyone purchased one of these small portable water heaters on a trolley as supplied by the likes of Omnipole, Andrews Water Treatment etc. They come in two sizes I think one suitable for heating one pole and the other for two poles.

If anyone has got one can they let me know how good they are and if they realy do help. I am thinking of getting one as I imagine they would be useful for stubborn work such as initial cleans and roof cleans where there are months of build up which is tough to shift.
Posted by pure_genius (pure_genius), 19 January 2004

used one of these heaters in the states as a portable shower heater when camping, pretty good as a shower dont know what they would be like for window cleaning. look on for full range

Posted by elfords (elfords), 20 January 2004
thanks for info Kevin, could be handy then if I need a shower on the job!

Really I am just trying to find out if they are really up to the job as claimed without having to go to the expense of fitting out the vans with a permanent system, because it will not be required on most jobs and it would therefore be a better option to have a portable unit that could be used in either of my vans as and when necessary at a cost that is affordable.

So anyone else out there got any comments?
Posted by Old_Master (Old_Master), 25 January 2004
We are the Authorised distributors for Zodi in the UK and carry a very large range of water heaters starting at 139.00

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