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patio sealants help!!!

Posted by gwrightson (gwrightson), 27 March 2004
advise needed please
i have a large patio area to clean , ok no prob,
but customer has requested info on algea, moss protection , and sealents
can any body reccomend any good products, for the job
prices , prices to charge for the application etc.
and any litreture of the products available as customer requested
tried all the building suppliers for leaflets etc no luck help
please  geoff
Posted by kb58 (keith b), 28 March 2004
Hi Geoff,

Type in `Resiblock` on your search engine, or go to [url][/url]
Posted by adl (dave555), 29 March 2004
UK cleaning Supplies has an excellent solvent based sealer for protecting the interia of the stone and masonry it contains polymers and resins that bonds to the stone and acts as a repellent to prevent staining and contaminants from absorbing in. they also do a water based one that does a similar job both excellent call 01772 432708
Posted by gwrightson (gwrightson), 29 March 2004
thanks  keith, thanks  paull
will look into it
regards  geoff
Posted by gwrightson (gwrightson), 29 March 2004
oops   sorry
thanks  dave

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