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Water fed pole systems advice

Posted by Central (Central), 7 October 2003
I do residential work at the moment and have a lot of houses with the overhanging rooves below the upstairs windows that are quite steep.  During the summer it's been ok to walk on these but the wet wetaher makes them very slippy and with the winter coming they should get too slippy to walk on.  Is it worth getting one of these water fed pole systems and are they quicker to use than ladder work.  Also any advice on price and what types to buy would be much appreciated.  

Cheers, Paul
Posted by easycleanwindows (easycleanwindows), 7 October 2003
hi paul yes pole systems are much much quicker for larger houses if they pay the right money quicker for smaller houses but not very economical because the more water you use the quicker the resin depletes thus having to re-fill to often so i use one on large houses and commercial work

Posted by Central (Central), 7 October 2003
Hi, thanks for the reply

how much does it cost to replace the resin and does it take a long time to fill up, also when you say large houses what sort of size - Ive got quite a lot of what I would call large houses but we all have different ideas on what a large house is.  Any idea on how much they cost?

Cheers m8
Posted by easycleanwindows (easycleanwindows), 7 October 2003
hello again,
It depends i think on which system you are operating we use Tucker Poles .Example: A large house is anything over four bedrooms obviously the customer gets the sills,frames and glass done all at the same time so i charge between 10-15.With a pole system this takes about 15-20 mins so average 3 houses per hour 30-45 per hour.
Also consevatories i charge 35-40 pounds and you get to the roof without geting on top.
The system is also good for lead glass as you dont have to do pain by pain and pure water takes no drying.
Our system is dual hose so two people can use it at the same time.A system starts from about 1,000 to 15,000 the more you spend the more water you hold and more poles you can run from it.
Also we do some houses that are 120-300 per time you couldnt do these with ladders and you dont need to hire platforms and these take 2-3 hrs not all day.
The resin is just like granules you just empty and refil.
It costs 80.OO per tank but it takes some going to use one tank.
If you need some more info email me at will be pleased to help.
Posted by Central (Central), 7 October 2003
Ill email you, thanks for the help
Posted by Polepro (Polepro), 8 October 2003
easyclean, how many bags of resin do you use per month?
Posted by easycleanwindows (easycleanwindows), 8 October 2003
i use between 2-3 bags per month
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 8 October 2003
How much of your work is done using a pole  Huh
and where do you get your resin fromHuh Cool
Posted by easycleanwindows (easycleanwindows), 9 October 2003
we now do all our work with poles and get the resin from tucker poles
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 9 October 2003
Have you tried BMS they have-Rohm & Haas  Resin
at 65+vat per 25Litre sack Cool
Posted by john_archer (john_archer), 9 October 2003
Hopefully a relevant question after todays wind,how do the water fed poles fare in windy conditions,can you use them on days when ladder work is a bit dodgy. Shocked
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 9 October 2003
Hi John,
It has been ok here today but yesterday it was windy here  Sad
I was on a job where I used my pole , if I was using a ladder I would not of done  as much  , its  was safer to use a pole  Cool

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