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risk assessment

Posted by highwash (highwash), 12 December 2003
I have gained some work to do at a large public building mainly because I use a waterfed pole system. however the client is very safety concious and has asked me to prepare a method statement and risk assessment. I know the federation do a pack for conventional window cleaners but I was wondering if anyone has some info appertaining to WFP work. I work solo with help from other recognised cleaner when required.
thanks TG
Posted by paul (paul), 12 December 2003
writing a method statment and risk assesment is quite easy the method statment is just saying how you intend to clean the windows etc and the risk assement is highlighting the   dangers and how you intend to reduce them any problems email me privatley and are email you some across i do a lot of contract work for the county council so i know what they want
Posted by shinebright (shinebright), 12 December 2003
Hi Paul,

I have just registered. The reason that I sought out such a forum as this is for advice on water fed pole systems and method statements/risk assessments. I have three quotes to put together for Monday and would appreciate your assistance on the health and safety issues if you are able to help.

Any assistance will be most appreciated. The quotes are for Nursing Homes and Schools.

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