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Female Window Cleaners

Posted by pdhanson (Silly Philly), 19 December 2003
Has anyone else noticed how there are few Lady window cleaners?

I work with my wife, (she does bottoms, I do tops) and customers are always commenting on how nice it is to have a lady coming to clean their windows, especially if the insides are to do.

I've only ever seen 1 other girl window cleaner.

Perhaps with the advent of the Waterfed pole, and ladders not needing to be carried around we'll see more in the future.

(Not that Ladies can't carry ladders of course!)

Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 20 December 2003
Hi Silly Philly,
                  About 10 years ago i had a young lady apply for a window cleaning job and i thought i would give her a job but only if she was treated the same as the others. She gave the job up after about two weeks because she said it was to hard going but i don't know how she would have got on today with water fed poles Huh

Posted by D.Salkeld_Ltd (D.Salkeld_Ltd), 20 December 2003
Hi Silly Philly

When I first started about 15 years ago my Mother in Law worked with me.  She got herself a small pair of steps (the pointer - which I made - was too heavy for her) and she took some keeping up with.  All the ladies, who, lets face it are our customers, loved it.

I would have no hesitation in taking on a lady
Posted by Fox (Fox), 21 December 2003
Sounds to me like you prefer t*ts and your misses prefers bums!! Grin Grin Only joking!

I have been in the cleaning business for approx 8 yrs and have never come across a female window cleaner.  (not to say we couldn't do it!)  I think it would be the fact of working outside all day more than anything else.

I find clients like female cleaners for some reason they think they do a better job! Cheesy  good thread for the general cleaning -  off there now - check it out! Smiley
Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 21 December 2003
i was in a partnership until 2 years ago with a lady.
a lot of customers liked a female touch. but the hour waiting till they finished gossiping slowed work down a wee bit.
i did suggest she wear a skirt all she did was slap me
Posted by windows_chepstow (windows_chepstow), 2 January 2004
I work with my missis and she's very good.  She's only five foot one, so permenantly carries round a set of six foot A-Frames and we have our own little systems going which make for quicker cleaning.

I've been window cleaning for about a year and around here, I earn around 13 to 18 quid an hour (on days I don't have a trillion drive-betweens).  It is quite a prosperous area mind.  With Helen it increases to 20 to 25 quid an hour.  

So I can't complain apart from...  she always wants the bloody toilet, although she will pee behind sheds if she's sure no-one is watching.

Oh, and there was the time we were arguing and she dropped her belt kit, threw her A-Frames at me and told me to "stick my job up my arse"!

We've found that if she works three days a week  - we get on fine.  Any more than that, we get on each others nipple ends.

Posted by Plymouth_Cleaning (Plymouth_Cleaning), 3 January 2004
wow ...i took my wife out for a while when i was a little cheesed of with the cusomers.(like u do)
anyway i could have wrote the above...apart from the fact it was a the book she threw a me

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