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why do most cleaners work in pairs??

Posted by julieg (julieg), 5 December 2003
I started up my domestic cleaning business in September and would now like to increase business and take staff on. I did a lot of research and most companies seem to provide teams of two. I can't see the benefit but I'm sure there must be one. I thought initially it was that two could clean more houses, but unless my calculations are wrong then they can't. Could someone enlighten me?

Julie G  
Posted by Fox (Fox), 5 December 2003
Hi Julie

The main reason domestic cleaners work in pairs is usually that one is a driver with vehicle the other not.  You pay your drivers more - petrol allowance etc.  So using two people will keep your wage costs down.

Another reason is if one of your cleaners is off sick you can then team the other with someone else as they know the job.  Or even get them to cover the job on their own.

I find that if you get the right team they will be more reliable as they form a bond and don't want to let each other down.  There again if you team up the wrong people it can be a disaster!!!

Good luck
Posted by woodman (woodman), 5 December 2003
I might add , especially in domestic cleaning that security has to be a factor.

Safer in two's for both cleaners and client.
Posted by petra (petra), 5 December 2003
I agree with you both, better to be safe then all three ways

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