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cleaning mildew/moss

Posted by kb58 (keith b), 10 February 2004
Hi all,

can anyone help?

Is there a chemical that i can use in a pressure washer to clean mildew/moss that i can buy to dilute? Huh
Posted by Old_Master (Old_Master), 10 February 2004
There are several available and also coatings to prevent algae and moss forming again.
If you are realy interested I can dig out litrature for you.
Posted by kb58 (keith b), 10 February 2004
Thanks Glyn please do!

Posted by wreelyclean_servic (Wreelyclean Services), 15 February 2004
Wink...If your pressure washer is any good it will do the job for you.....Once you do it advise the client that due to the fact that moss/algae spores are already in the concrete/flags/blocks (or whatever you are cleaning) and after time it will always re appear they would be advised to spray a moss retardent on it.  If you do it you will have to comply with COSHH regs ect ect.....also if you leave it to them they will probably not do it and you will get the job again in 6 / 12 months. Grin

Work smart...Not hard.
Posted by kb58 (keith b), 15 February 2004
Thanks wreelyclean!

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