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A Weeks Work!

Posted by AMG (AMG), 29 February 2004

Hi Guys,

I was asked last week to quote for a big hotel to be cleaned on a regular basis, I'm well pleased at this as I have been re-shaping my round and getting quicker of course (it's my first 6 months!) and I have one week free at the end of my month rotation. Having a look around I think it would take me 4 days to do the whole job on my own so I was going to price it as a week just so I have some back up if I under estimated it..

So guy's, my question is, what would you charge a commercial business (a classy place to boot!) for a weeks work? I don't want to over charge and risk loosing the job as I need the work, but equally don't want to under price myself and end up kicking myself forever..

I'm thinking around 300-400 I know some of you might laugh at that for a weeks work and some may says that'll do nicely, but what I need to find out is what is reasonable, what is cheap, and what is pushing my luck!!

All input greatly received.


Posted by Neil (wylie), 29 February 2004
Hi Andy
I too have only been at it for about six months or so.
I would say be very careful not to under price
You know what you can earn in a day at the moment. and if like me you are getting quicker all the time then ask yourself what you are going to be earning in a few months time?
You could if your not careful limit your potential earnings for a long time.
If it were me in your situation I think I would go in high and hope for the best.
If they dont like it they will tell you and you can come down a bit (but you cant go up so easily!)
All the best with it
Let us know how it goes Smiley
Posted by geoffreyspecht (geoffreyspecht), 29 February 2004
how big is this hotel
Posted by matt (matt), 29 February 2004
well if you think it will take you 4 days, 400 quid, but as you said, you should have a extra day (just in case)

500 quid Smiley

100 quid a day does me nicely Smiley
Posted by Rick (Rick), 29 February 2004
on 02/29/04 at 23:09:59, matt wrote:
100 quid a day does me nicely Smiley

Posted by simonb (simonb), 1 March 2004
Never price on time.
Count the windows and work out the cost for each one, this is far more accurate and you won't underprice.
Don't forget to offer to do the inside ever quarter and charge a premium for the hassle.

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