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Floor again !

Posted by ukmediums (Spik N Span), 28 November 2003
As some of you may be aware I was having trouble getting my lino floor clean. I have got some Carefree Stripper Etternum and Maintainer now and the floor has come up a treat.
The problem I have is our new puppy has the odd accident and where she misses the paper and it lands on the floor (wee that is) the floor seems to loose its shine and goes really matt, it looks as if it has stripped the wax off and I am down to bare floor. I have tried maintainer on the top but no joy. How do I combatr this and ALSO I cannot acheive a really high shine on the floor. Yes its 100 times better than it was but I would like a real good shine. How is this possible without nicking the works buffer for the weekend?

As always your help is greatly appreciated

Posted by Fox (Fox), 28 November 2003
hi simon

urine contains a certain acid content which will obviously leave marks.  

With your pup the trick is to get it cleared up asap!!

As for keeping your floor looking bright - v difficult what ever the wear, if you are not going to buff!

However there is a polish called selbrite (I think it is the right one off the top of my head - theres that many) that is low maintnance - sure express can help  think they might supply.

however be careful - if you have already applied a product do not use anything that is manufactured by anyone but them because you never know what reaction may occur.

Best advice?  Get pup trained!Huh!?
Posted by ukmediums (Spik N Span), 28 November 2003
I am trying my best with this little one. She is a rescue pup that was left on the doorstep of the local rescue centre last week when it was realy cold, She nearly died and doesnt have much faith in humankind anymore. Everytime I go near her she wets herself wndering what she is in store for now. She'll get there in the end I guess it wont be the first or last for that matter.

Anyone know the cost of a buffing machine? I may just get one to save me time and trouble I am a cleaning freak i think lol

Thanks for your relpy friend much appreciated

Posted by deep_clean (deep clean), 29 November 2003
Hello Simon,
We use a product called Topcoat to repair floors that have had the polish damaged, if our clientís wont pay for a full strip and re-polish. Itís not an ideal solution but its cost effective. One off our Supervisors cleans her kitchen floor (it to narrow to get a buffer in) with her husbandís rechargeable car polisher and it look as if itís been buffed, it cost around £26.00 from B&Q

Hope this helps


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