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Thank you all

Posted by deb (deb), 25 January 2004
I am like many others about to venture into the world of cleaning and have just set up a business.

Everything is in place - just waiting for my first call Wink

I would like to thank everyone for the great advice that has been posted throughout this forum, the information has been most useful.

Having read most of the threads they have answered many questions that I had.

This site is invaluable!!!!


Posted by Scots_cleaner (Scots_cleaner), 25 January 2004

Good luck to you in your new venture. Wink
Posted by Happyeater (Happyeater), 25 January 2004
What kind of cleaning Deb?

All the very best to you.
Posted by deb (deb), 25 January 2004
Thanks scots_cleaner, Happyeater


Posted by Auto_Groom (Auto_Groom), 25 January 2004
What location are you in
my wife might be able to help in getting you going pm me if you dont want to put it on the forum.
Ps my wife is Petra
Posted by Happyeater (Happyeater), 25 January 2004
commercial and domestic, thats a load of potential work. We just stick to commercial, plenty of hassle there to keep me going  Grin

Hope you do great, its a wonderful business to be in.
Posted by keybrite (keybrite), 25 January 2004
best of luck to you in your new business, theres loads of work out there Grin
Posted by houseangels (House Angels), 26 January 2004
Hi Deb

Like you I am new to the business, only 5 months, we also do mainly domestic work.
but have now branched out into carpet cleaning as well. The only advice I want to give is keep reading this Forum, everyone here is so friendly and the advice is invaluable
Oh! and avoid price shoppers or you will soon be losing money!
Treat your customers with respect and do a good job and the word will soon go around.
Wishing you success

House Angels

Posted by deb (deb), 26 January 2004
We are putting our fingers into many pies in the hope of getting a plum somewhere!!

We can then decide on Commercial or Domestic.


Posted by petra (petra), 26 January 2004
good luck and remember don't let them tell you what charge, you tell them what to pay.
Posted by stepheng (stepheng), 26 January 2004
good luck with your new business

Remember one thing as you embark on your new venture, a caged bird has only itself to blame, a bear with honey has itself to feed, a man with no troubles is a friend indeed.

Sitting Bull - battle of the little big horn
Posted by stepheng (peggyc), 26 January 2004
good luck with it
Posted by deb (deb), 27 January 2004
Thanks for all your support and advice!

True words from Mrs Sitting Bull!! aka Peggyc


Will keep you posted!

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