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Confused about Web Sites

Posted by dave (dave), 6 March 2004

I've been thinking about creating a web site for my cleaning business, not to run the business through the web bur for people to check out the site iff they receive a leaflet etc.

Problem is I'm confused of how to go about it!!

Can anyone give me information as to regards the best way to setting this up?

How much does it cost?

Is there a simple solution to it

Regards Dave
Posted by stevety44 (stevety44), 8 March 2004
There are several simple and low cost ways to do this.  One of the easiest is to go to  They have instructions how to do it through yahoo.  They also have instructions how to build your own web page.  All low annual cost to you.

Your own ISP may also have the same setup for you with help to set up your website.

hope this can help, Steve

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