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New Forum?

Posted by jake (jake), 22 January 2004
Just come across It's a complete clone of this forum (without the members!!) Is this a'breakaway' site run by a disgruntled forum administator? or have i been seeing 'things'?

Posted by pdhanson (Silly Philly), 22 January 2004
I don't think it is a breakaway site, this is Peter Fogwill's site.  He is a supplier of water-fed pole equipment.

Rather than being a clone, YABB is the site's "forum" console, the same console as for Express Cleaning Supplies who do such an excellent job of running this site.  Hence it looks the same except peter has selected his own colours by the look of it.

Anyone can use YABB (short for 'Yet Another Bulletin Board") to put a forum on their site, thats what it's there for.

Peter is a regular contributer to this site, not an administrator.  You could read his comments under his user name "peterf"

Posted by jake (jake), 23 January 2004

thanks for explaining a few things to me, don't know much about yabb or consoles. The jibe about the administrator was mean't as a joke. Good luck to Peter on this new site, hope it becomes as essential as cleanitup!

Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 23 January 2004
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and Peter isn't the only one who has set up a similar forum!

It's an interesting development though and I'm interested in Peters reasoning behind it, however, given time I'm sure that many others will also crop up.

To me, I can't see that diluting the contribution people in the industry are prepared to make is going to do much good - after all it takes enough time keeping an eye on one forum let alone several.

For the record we appreciate the input Peter has made over the last few months and I'm sure Dom at least will be keen to get involved in his new venture  Wink



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