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Commercial Hoovers What do you use ?

Posted by Les (Les), 26 January 2004
We need to purchase some bigger Hoovers.
We have been using the versatile 'Henry's' and found them to be great on most jobs.
However we do have some larger carpet areas to deal with and want something with a power head.
What do you use, I thought about Sebo's but respect your comments.
Posted by cleaning (cleaning), 26 January 2004
We use Sebo, Very reliable and robust.
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 26 January 2004
Hi Les
        We use Henrys as well for most of our jobs. I think you can get a turbo head to go on a Henry but i dont know how good they are. Wink

Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 26 January 2004
I use a henry and although good, it does seem to snag a lot, can't get it around corners (snags on any corner doorway etc) and seems to be back breaking (is it just me?)

I am tendering for 2 large commerical contracts so i am on the verge of ordering a twin vac upright, looks more professional and less bits to cart about.

thoughts guys 'n gals?


Martin Cool
Posted by petra (petra), 26 January 2004
we use numatic's, james is the one....
Posted by Les (Les), 26 January 2004
Hi Petra,
Do the power head drive belts last long on your Sebo's ?
I had a power head for a Numatic in the past and it was sooo unreliable. Spent more time putting the belt back on than working Grin
Posted by Auto_Groom (Auto_Groom), 26 January 2004
hi i use the new james very powerfull,light and small.

Posted by petra (petra), 27 January 2004
never had any probs.

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