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Picket Lloyds Underwriters

Posted by Old_Master (Old_Master), 13 February 2004

Not Sure if you Carpet cleaners have been affected as much as us window cleaners but here it goes

Any body interested in picketing Lloyds Underwriters against the outragous hikes in PL and Employers liability? There are 100,000 + of us in the UK and we are now all being well and truly ripped off by the Underwriters.
If we could get a thousand window cleaners to protest in Central London outside Lloyds perhaps other trades would join in. If all the self employed tradesmen affected by these outragous increases threatened action then somthing would have to change.  
Two Companies that I deal with outside of our industry have shut down in the last couple of weeks due to crazy insurance policy jumps- making staff redundant- one had been in buisness for more than 60 years.
Maybe Im mad but United we stand divided we fall!  

Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_Gourlay), 14 February 2004
If the pensioner, Fox Hunters,  anti war protest , students, can march so should the self employed

Only problem a days money would be lost.

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