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Air movers

Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 17 February 2004
Whilst I loading the van today, another CC pulled up for a chat. I happened to mention that, amongst other things, I had just cleaned two double matresses - which lead to the subject of drying times.

It transpired that, despite attending "a few" (manufacturers) courses over the past 10 years, he had never been instructed in the use of air movers. Whilst he had worked out for himself the basics of circulation, heat and ventilation, he was making a cardinal error regarding upholstery drying.

For the benefit of others not in the know:

The air mover should always be sited such that the airflow is across the fabric surface. This will accelerate the drying both by increasing the evaporation rate by moveing away damp air and equaly important, will, by venturi effect, produce a reduced air pressure at the surface of the fabric. This has the effect of drawing moisture from the pad.

Conversely, if the airflow from the blower is directed at the fabric surface, the increase in air pressure thus caused  has the effect of driving moisture deeper into the substrate.

Posted by Robert_O (Robert Olifent), 17 February 2004
Hi John

It might also be worth mentioning for cleaners be alert to the affects of the air movement on items within the room.

Pot Pour'ie Huh, blowing over flowers or plants, Huh Pictures photo's or painting on the shelve or wall, Huhresurrecting dust from behind radiators, Undecided If people with in the household are asthmatic you may be circulating allergens more readily Shocked.

If drying out a roof void imagine all of that glass fibre insulation, and the particles getting airborne. Mould and mildew spores whey hay, Shocked Cry up they go!!!

hopefully this just gives cleaners some food for thought in using this sort of equipment safely.



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