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New Pressure Washing Business

Posted by Drive_Revive (Drive_Revive), 15 January 2004

I am trying desperately trying to start up a pressure washing business, patios, drives, walls, forecourts, car parks etc.

How do I do itHuh

I would also like to achieve some commercial contracts i.e. factory loading bays, graffitti removal and car parks. How do I do it?
Posted by petra (petra), 15 January 2004
The first thing is there a market out there? ( there should be), second do you know how to do these jobs ( if not search the internet for info and courses) How much do you want to earn per hour and how much will you be able to charge. And the next is advertising (asuming you have the equiptment). The quickest way is direct marketing Leaflets and letters. You can make them yourself on a PC, but remeber the ink does cost.
Apart for that never gaurentee what you can't deliver
Posted by Scots_cleaner (Scots_cleaner), 15 January 2004
research research recearch.
Your market if you dont no anthing about it....
Sorry  Huh Huh
Posted by Drive_Revive (Drive_Revive), 15 January 2004
Thank you for your advice - we have received a number of jobs through a local general cleaning company for pressure washing "local authority" old peoples home's car parks, and have had a large contract for pressure washing the exterior of a factory, but the work is very irregular and I would like to build on it.

Reserach has been the main comment - but research what?

Posted by petra (petra), 15 January 2004
you find out who else may require this service, who has forcourts etc. Mc donadls, Kfc,  ( drive throughs) this list goes on, then you market them direct

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